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Dear Mr Vasilis Michalakis,

thank you for your registration. To verify your email address please execute the following link. After execution a new browser window will be opened with a short confirmation about your registration is closed now. In case of link failed there is a link below the direct link. Please open a new browser window manually and copy and paste the link to the address bar.

Direct link:

Link for copy and paste:

After activation of this link, your registration will be checked by the Federal Archives.
IMPORTANT HINT: DUE TO LEGAL REASONS IT'S NECESSARY TO FILL OUT, SIGN AND SEND US THE "Bundesarchiv-RequestforUse.pdf" IF YOU HAD CHOOSEN THE METHOD "PREPAYMENT" OR "GIROPAY" (Bundesarchiv, D-56064 oder +49 (0261) 505-430)! Your registration can only be checked after we have received the filled out and signed "Bundesarchiv-RequestforUse.pdf"!
This check may take about two days after we received the filled out form.
Best regards

Das Bundesarchiv (Federal Archives)

This notification was made mechanically and is valid without signature!
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