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September Recap

Top Local News Sites, #CancelNetflix, Audience Demographics, and Industry Trends


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Here's Our Latest List & Analysis of the Fastest-Growing Local News Sites in the U.S.

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Our Election Coverage Continues

Get the Most Up-to-Date Information About the U.S. Elections

The presidential race continues to be top-of-mind for many digital publications, news sites, and online advertisers. In our updated infographic we highlight how search traffic for donaldjtrump.com and joebiden.com has changed over the past month.


Plus, here's the latest version of our whitepaper about the candidates' website traffic and demographics.

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Netflix Cancellations Surge Following 'Cuties' Controversy

On September 9th, Netflix faced a backlash from the global media after releasing the French movie "Cuties." We've closely followed the coverage and have the stats on what the streaming giant's subscribers (or should we say un-subscribers) think about this move.

Daily Visits to Netflix.com's Cancellation Page
US, Desktop & Mobile Data, Nov 2019 - Sep 2020

What's new in our blog?

How to Find and Reach Your Target Audience

For marketers, demographics are elemental to audience analysis. Understanding their location, age, and gender is the cornerstone of defining your target audience.

Discover how to increase your website traffic by focusing on the top demographics for your industry, products, and readers.

What's new in our blog?

How Three Transactional Industries Are Bouncing Back Post-COVID

For many, navigating the business impact of COVID-19 continues to be a top priority, even as signs of recovery are getting more spotlight. The automotive, travel, and apparel industries have been steering through some particularly interesting transformations.

A SimilarWeb Success Story

Investing Used SimilarWeb to Increase Referral Traffic by Over 25% in Just Two Years

Investing.com, a leading global financial portal, was able to increase its share of referral traffic using our competitive intelligence platform.

We sat down with Investing VP of Growth to understand the details behind the success.

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