Hey kaliterilamia,

Your customers won't buy from your website:
  • Even if… you have the perfect solution to their problems;
  • Even if… you know their needs in and out;
  • Even if… your peers think of you as the best in your business;
  • Even if… your prospects NEED your help pretty badly right now;


Simple: They won't buy your product because they don't have to buy the product FROM YOU. They could buy it just as easily from one of your competitors.

I don't know if you've noticed, but a significant portion of your online audience never buys anything from you. They're busy learning more about their own problems or comparing prices with your competitors.

So, what can you do?

You can create a browse abandonment campaign.

Every time someone on your site browses your content and bounces away, you can send out an automated push notification that nudges them to check out your stuff again.

The best part? You can trigger this automated campaign from product pages, category pages, blog posts, and even your home page.

Here's the cherry on top: We just published a nice, juicy resource on browse abandonment examples that you can steal from right now.

See you on the inside,
Nirvana Guha,
Product Educator at PushEngage

P.S.: That resource has tips on browse abandonment email campaigns as well. So, be sure to use both email and push notifications to get the most value out of the article.