Infolinks Covid19 and Financial Strength Update

Dear ????????,


During this unprecedented time of the Covid19 outbreak, web site publishing partners understandably worry about financial payment security. I wanted to reach out personally to provide an update on our very strong financial health and security of your Infolinks relationship. 


While you are protecting your business, health and security, we are here to protect and provide a strong financial backbone for you as an ad partner. We have been in business since 2007 and have endured and thrived through many crises, including the 2008 financial crisis. 


Our financial position is very strong and you can have confidence you will be paid on-time as we withstand this crisis. In fact, last year, while several advertisers failed to pay the market hundreds of thousands of dollars due to bankruptcies, Infolinks stood strong and paid all our publishing partners every dollar. In addition, we paid 30 days early in December as a thank you for your partnership.


Lastly, I personally have owned or run advertising companies since 1998 and have weathered every imaginable up and down, especially 9/11/01. These moments are defined by those who are prepared and you can rely on. 


You can rely on Infolinks and we welcome your business.


Stay Safe!




Robert Regular


Infolinks Media, llc

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